The Big Four Monthly Meeting

We have many exciting events planned in the next 3 months to include a barrel firing, Justice Window display in November/December and the biggest event of them all a Potters and Friends Studio Sale in December. Check under “Events” for details.

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Julie Asbury

I was 8 years old when I first saw pottery being thrown on a kick wheel set up on a covered porch outside of a home in Guadalajara.  I wanted the little cup that was being made but did not get one.  That unsatiated desire has lessen over the years as I can make my own pottery, enough to fill the cupboards in the house as well as to sell at OPA Ceramic Showcase and in small local shows.  

My tableware is made of porcelain clay because it is the hardest, most durable clay. Each piece is layered with several glazes and fired to 2381F. My more rustic pit fired ware is made from a variety of clays, flash fired with wood, sealed with polyurethane and adorned with metals and natural stones.


Image 1: High Fire Gas Reduction Kiln and Image 2-4: Rustic Pit Fired Ware

OPA Showcase Mask Installation to Benefit Medical Teams International

Jenny, Melanie and Ha via our membership with the Oregon Potters Association (OPA) donated our time to create masks for the special exhibit at OPA Showcase May 2014.  The proceeds from the masks were donated to Medical Teams International (MTI), a local non-profit organization doing great work on both the local as well as the global stage.  We are happy to report our masks sold and contributed to raising over $4000 for MTI.

IMG_3640 IMG_3645